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Love Making Tips for better and Greater Sex

A good sex life payoff time to hold it. It won’t never be easy to make — our engaged lives are taxing and often leave us tired and devoid of the imagination. Having good sex does not mean spending hours and hours of frolicking, it can be as simple as doing something a little different just for a change. There are tons of love making tips out there which can help you to achieve a better and greater sex with your partner.

Try role playing. Every one has their own sexual fantasies. Some fantasies about having sex with a full of passion, some like rough, etc. Find out what are the sexual fantasies of your partner and fulfill them can be useful for both. Spending time and effort to dress up and act out the roles for one another can also be added to it. This will act as a good and prolonged foreplay for mind blowing sex later.

Kiss and massage. Kissing is a very fervent act which greatly enhance the mood of sex. There are different sensitive spots, when kissed they creates great pleasure and intensify the sex . A good massage will also help to release tension to make you partner feel more relaxed. You can try massaging her with sensual oil, which is proven to be relaxing.

Take your time and enjoy the sex. Rushing in the during lovemaking can makes it rough and less enjoyable. Doing it with passion and going it flow can help your partner to enjoy better which built trust and make the relationship more strong.

Try having sex in different locations and position. Trying out new position and venues such as bedroom, living room, kitchens, staircases, etc, as this will provide a new horizon of sex possibilities with your partner.

Intimate love making with your partner is a very important activity in a relationship, it can build up and maintain the passion and love between the both of you.

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